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Marine business challenges – MEIKO masters them!

A complete range in warewashing technology for all challenges at sea

When there is minimal space but the demands are high, you need a partner for warewashing technology who can deal perfectly with these requirements. MEIKO is familiar with the demands on a scullery on the high seas – and with international hygiene standards. Of course, a wide variety of wash ware is washed at sea. MEIKO provides the appropriate technology – all in one place. Reduction in complexity when operating the machines is as important as reduction in complexity with the contact person. MEIKO devices therefore speak only one language: precisely the one that everyone understands! Sophisticated interface design for communication between man and machine, accompanied by resource-saving technology and a service concept which leaves virtually nothing to be desired.

Overview of references

Aida Cruises

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is essential, especially in regard to the ships' dishwashing operations. That's why AIDA has installed MEIKO dishwashing technology on their cruise ships - to ensure sparkling clean, hygienic dishwashing results and easy, reliable food waste disposal.

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MS Artania, Phoenix Reisen

The team at Phoenix Reisen was convinced that the M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine offered huge potential to save energy and water. And their decision to purchase a M-iQ was also heavily influenced by the innovative user interface designed by the MEIKO dishwashing experts.

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Sales Manager Marine
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