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Basket transport dishwashing machines K-Tronic with new TRT drive technology

The unique, up-to-date TRT drive system moves the baskets smoothly and continuously through the washing, rinsing and drying zones of the MEIKO K-Tronic basket transport machine All the factors influencing machine washing are combined and balanced by this new transport system to achieve the maximum cleaning effect.

The redesign of the drive system to a position underneath the guide-rails allows water to flow through the basket as never before – both during washing and rinsing. The air, too, can circulate efficiently through the basket during the drying cycle. Optimum cleaning quality with minimum use of water, energy and chemicals, combined with use of the machine for the widest possible variety of glasswashing and dishwashing applications – that is what the new TRT technology can achieve for you.

The guaranteed result for the user:
Maximum effective

  • operating efficiency
  • reliability
  • hygiene and security