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MEIKO EWS Technology

In this example, up to 18,000 liters of fresh water can thus be saved each year.

Other advantages:

Reduced heating energy consumption

  • Reduced use of detergent
  • Reduced use of rinse aid
  • Shorter cycles = higher basket capacity

You can save so much money and energy with EWS if your use falls within the following parameters:

Cycles/day: 50 hours
Work days/year: 300
Dosing of detergent: 3 g/l
Dosing of rinse aid: 0.3 g/l
Fresh water: 15° C

... "other" Dishwashing machines

Final rinse water quantities l/basket


Costs for dishwashing per year


Additional charges €€


Difference €


Difference in € with a maturity of 10 years



The MEIKO EWS technology works like this Effective Water-Saving Technology

1. Water continuously flows through large sieve holes into the fine filter system. It is suctioned out again to the wash pump through this very fine filter.

2. Thanks to the permanent suction, dirt particles adhere to the fine filter on the inside. Thus, small dirt particles are filtered out of the suds during the wash cycle.