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MEIKO Reference - Radisson SAS-Hotels Berlin

Although the hotel has only just opened its doors, it is well on the way to becoming a legend thanks to the architectural masterpiece in its spacious lobby in the form of a cylinder which is the world’s largest free-standing aquarium. The double-walled acrylic aquadome contains a million litres of water which are home to 2500 exotic fish. Their natural habitat is made complete by the addition of 33 tons of salt and the construction of an undersea landscape complete in every last detail.   

Another big plus offered by the hotel is its restaurants. These rely on MEIKO dish-washing technology in the form of no less than 8 MEIKO appliances at the present time.

  • Four FV 40.2 appliances installed under work-surfaces
  • one DV 80.2 and one DV 120.2 hood -type machines,
  • one DV 240 B double basket hood-type machine
  • one K 200 Vpi conveyor rack machine.