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Meiko donates almost 100.000 €

Id.no. Press Release: MEIKO In-kind Donation /THW 23.1.2015

97,000 euro in-kind donation supports battle against Ebola. MEIKO contributes to humanitarian aid provided by German Federal Foreign Office and Federal Agency for Technical Relief

"2014 was the year in which Ebola virus disease put humanity to the test. With the help of our best scientists, 2015 will be the year in which we rein Ebola in." This call to arms by the deputy head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has inspired widespread support, including a donation from the Offenburg, Germany-based mechanical engineering firm Meiko. The company – which produces commercial warewashing, cleaning and disinfection technology – decided to donate warewashing equipment worth 97,000 euros through the donation hotline set up by the German Federal Foreign Office for Ebola relief work in West Africa. The Federal Agency for Technical Relief in Bonn accepted the donated machines on behalf of the Foreign Office and arranged for them to be shipped to their destination. The in-kind donation also included a comprehensive package of rinse aid and detergent products from the Oppenau, Germany-based company Etol, which is known for its cleaning and hygiene solutions.

"The footage of Ebola patients in isolation and doctors in full protective clothing coupled with a pervasive sense of fear have prompted sympathy and concern all over the world, not least here at Meiko," says Meiko managing director Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer. As the company explained in a press release, Meiko immediately felt compelled to draw on its own expertise to help bring the virus under control.

"In addition to the cleaning and disinfection of medical devices, our core competencies also cover the technology required to get dishware and crockery perfectly and hygienically clean," Scheringer continues. At the Ebola treatment centres run by international aid organisations, cutlery, dishware, care utensils and similar items play a key role in the chain of infection, Scheringer explains. "Our machines are designed to clean and reprocess all these things so that they can be safely re-used, even if they have come into contact with patients' bodily fluids".

Albrecht Broemme, President of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), expressed his gratitude for the company's support: "I am truly impressed by your heartfelt dedication to this cause. This donation shows that the THW has reliable partners who help it get things done!" he wrote in a letter of appreciation, adding:  "This planet is something that all of us share. Showing interest in other people and a desire to help each other while promoting responsibility, tolerance, respect, openness, cooperation and mutual aid – that's the basis for creating a vibrant and diverse society".

Words of praise that Klaus Engesser, who heads up sales and marketing for the entire Meiko Group, was delighted to hear: "His words confirm once again that the values our company believes in can help to form the basis for a diverse society. Meiko is at home all over the world – and if we get the chance to use our technology to help alleviate a crisis in a critical zone such as West Africa, then that's exactly what we'll do!"

Get more information at: www.youtube.com/user/meikoen

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