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MEIKO takes silver in Catering Star awards

LPV Media GmbH recently ran the fourth edition of its Catering Star awards by conducting a survey of 1,000 catering managers and purchasers from the fields of business, care home, motorway service station, exhibition and event catering and ranking the results. The aim was to honour the most successful innovations in the realm of services and technical products for the catering, foodservice and restaurant industries.

In the dishwashing technology and hygiene category, the Offenburg, Germany-based warewasher manufacturer Meiko was awarded a silver Catering Star 2014 for its M-iQ GreenEye technology®. This new trophy will now sit alongside the company's previous highly prized Catering Star award. "This is a prestigious award and we're delighted that LPV's independent readers chose to cast their vote for Meiko's latest innovation," said Meiko managing director Dr.-Ing. Stefan Scheringer. "It obviously shows our product strategy is on the right track. Thanks to our cutting edge M-iQ GreenEye technology® we can offer catering and foodservice companies a series of machines that offer efficient warewashing performance with huge cost benefits. We understand that there is tremendous pressure on costs in those industries. Our GreenFilter already offers a 10 percent saving on the use of fresh water, and the M-iQ GreenEye feature now enables customers to cut the cost of fresh water and detergent by up to an additional 50 percent."

Meiko has already set very high standards with the launch of its M-iQ generation of warewashing machines. But M-iQ GreenEye technology® now marks a further pioneering step into the future of dishwashing, offering a cutting-edge interface design and simplified human-machine communication which together provide major benefits to customers and machine users alike. The company has now reached a pinnacle of inventiveness which is founded on a number of different elements.

Meiko's executive vice president research and development Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peukert explains further: "What's impressive about our company and our development work is that we listen to people and cater to what the market needs. Our goal is that everyone who operates our dishwashing machines should be able to use them intuitively, regardless of what language they speak. We base our development work on the classic principles of interface design. The machine plays its part by continuously monitoring and evaluating available belt capacity so that it can proactively support the operator. That allows it to detect gaps on the conveyor belt and guide the user in a way that automatically optimises how the machine is loaded. That prevents the waste of rinse water that occurs when you have items scattered randomly along the belt. The machine also ensures that it gets all the washware perfectly clean at all times. This level of intuitive operation is unique worldwide – and it gives our customers a real competitive edge."

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