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The decade of M-iQ - the world of warewashing is becoming greener

Launched in 2010, M-iQ’s outstanding sustainable and cost-saving credentials have totally convinced more than 1.000 buyers in Europe to upgrade their dishwashing – an astounding performance – and this is now being repeated worldwide as M-iQ sales increase to over 1.700 in total.
The M-iQ will make a major contribution to your business and it takes only a little time to find out how the industry-leading accomplishments can work to your advantage, no matter what dishwashing system you currently employ. The German Technology is renowned for its engineering precision, performance, durability and high level quality. Meiko want to help restaurants, hotels, canteens across the world cut their energy bills, chemical and water consumption by upwards of 30%, also creating savings of 20.000 euros per year per customer, some achieve bigger savings. This could be achieved because of the features like M-iQ washing dynamics, the filter, the Airconcept and Energy concept. Another advantage is the integrated reverse osmosis system. RO water removes all calcium and up to 98% of mineral particles from water, leaving glasses and cutlery in addition to dishes and kitchen utensils absolutely clean.