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Our Energy Policy and Energy Management System (EnMS)

The tasks of manufacturing products and furnishing our services require the input of considerable quantities of energy in various different forms. Energy is also required to keep our business running at all our different locations. Energy is a limited resource which is therefore associated with significant costs. Moreover, any use of energy has a potentially negative impact on our environment

The importance of energy efficiency as a global challenge

For all the reasons stated above, we are determined to minimise our energy use to match our actual requirements in line with the principles of energy efficiency. We see this as a key global challenge which we strive to tackle throughout our business. We systematically identify all potential energy savings by regularly measuring our energy use. We then put these savings into practice to the extent that this is technically and economically feasible. This approach also includes targeted investments aimed at improving energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient products for our customers worldwide

In addition, we believe that the customers who use our high-quality products should be able to achieve optimum cleaning results with the lowest possible use of energy. Our innovative cleaning methods have set new global standards in this context, constantly spurring us on to new heights. We believe that our customers should be able to work with our products in a way which makes efficient use of energy while simultaneously reducing costs. We support this goal by providing in-depth advice and consulting services.

Energy efficiency in our service and logistics processes

As well as minimising the use of resources in our production facilities, we also strive to achieve that same goal in our service and logistics processes. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • planning and configuring our workflows in a consistent and process-oriented way;
  • ensuring optimum technological efficiency in our methods and equipment;
  • designing all our products to facilitate optimum results in both manufacturing and service processes.

Energy efficiency also applies to the procurement side of our business

When we choose our suppliers, we compare more than just the content and pricing of the offers they submit. We also review and consider the processes they use in development, design and other workflows and judge these against our standards of energy efficiency. This also applies to all the transportation and logistics tasks we entrust to third parties.
As a general rule, it is important for us to channel the objectives of our Energy Management System into the everyday behaviours and practices of our workforce as a central guiding principle.
We see the systematic structure of an Energy Management System as the best means of achieving our stated objectives. This approach also includes targeted investments aimed at improving energy efficiency.
Within the scope of our Energy Management System, we regularly develop, fine tune, document and track our operational objectives.
By defining rules and documenting, monitoring and improving the way we operate, we ensure that our Energy Management System and all its associated activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements specified in

DIN EN ISO 50001:ff.

We periodically renew our certification in these Areas.