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Our Environmental Policy and Environmental Management System (EMS)

At our company, environmental protection refers to all measures, means and methods of protecting the environment (and our workforce) against any damage or hazards stemming from our processes. This involves preventing one-off accidents (incidents) as well as preventing avoidable, ongoing exposure and hazards.

Environmental protection is about ensuring that future generations have the chance of a good life, too

We strive to protect the environment to the best of our abilities, systematically incorporating all current, pertinent statutory requirements and new insights into our Environmental Management System (EMS) in order to ensure that future generations have the chance of a good life, too.

Eco-friendly product design for our customers worldwide

We pursue a notably eco-friendly product design strategy, prioritising the use of durable, high-quality and recyclable raw materials such as stainless steel. We believe that the customers who use our high-quality products should be able to achieve optimum cleaning results with the lowest possible use of water, chemicals and energy. Our innovative cleaning methods have set new global standards in this context. This approach enables our customers to work with our products in a way which minimises the use of resources while simultaneously cutting costs. We support this goal by providing in-depth advice and consulting services.

Environmental protection in our service and logistics processes

As well as minimising the use of resources in our production facilities, we also strive to achieve that same goal in our service and logistics processes. We achieve this in the following ways:

  • planning and configuring our workflows in a consistent and process-oriented way;
  • ensuring optimum technological efficiency in our methods and equipment;
  • designing all our products to facilitate optimum results in both manufacturing and service processes.

Environmental protection also applies to the procurement side of our business

When we choose our suppliers, we compare more than just the content and pricing of the offers they submit. We also review and consider the processes they use in development, design and other workflows and judge these against our standards of environmental protection. This also applies to all the transportation and logistics tasks we entrust to third parties.

As a general rule, it is important for us to channel the objectives of our Environmental Management System into the everyday behaviours and practices of our workforce as a central guiding principle.
Within the scope of our Environmental Management System, we regularly develop, fine tune, document and track our operational objectives.
By defining rules and documenting, monitoring and improving the way we operate, we ensure that our Environmental Management System and all its associated activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements specified in

DIN EN ISO 14001:ff.

We periodically renew our certification in these Areas.