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TopLine small combined care units (including bedpan washer-disinfector)

TopLine 10 with slop sink

The simple and practical design of this model is hard to beat. This premium cleaning and disinfection appliance is designed to be mounted on the wall, clear of the floor, together with the slop sink. The fact that the floor underneath the appliance is so easy to clean helps keep hygiene standards high in the dirty utility room.

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TopLine 20 with slop sink

The TopLine 20 A bedpan washer-disinfector is fast and easy to install. Simply pop the machine in place in your dirty utility room, connect it up, and off you go! This combination of slop sink and cleaning and disinfection appliance is a great choice for maximising hygiene in your sluice room.

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TopLine 40 with hand wash basin

Even if you're short of space, there's no need to sacrifice hygiene. The TopLine 40 B comes with a hand wash basin and work surface. The bedpan washer-disinfector itself fits neatly under the work surface – it may look small, but it's a big step up in quality when it comes to hygiene and ergonomics!

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