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MEIKO warewashing technology
– sparkling prospects all round

Featuring clouds of hot steam, billowing vapour and high humidity, dishwashing used to be a tough and unpopular job. But now the steam has finally cleared to reveal the joy and beauty of innovative MEIKO technology. The new face of dishwashing is a pleasant working environment, beautifully designed equipment, intuitive operation – and of course perfectly clean, sparkling results. Welcome to the world of M-iClean. The unmistakable face of a new generation of appliances that are designed to appeal to all our senses, created from an affinity for technology, efficiency, eco-friendliness and beautiful design. Dishwashing has never been so cost-effective, so environmentally-friendly and so attractive to the eye.

Undercounter glass and dishwashing machines

Housed under the counter, in the guest room or even in the wash-up area, the MEIKO undercounter dishwashers process a lot very quickly in "half-size format", so to speak.

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Hood type glass and dishwashing machines

From dishes to kitchen utensils and containers, this warewashing technology from MEIKO simply offers every solution, and it does so in every class since the hood type dishwashing machine is a workaholic when you're in a hurry.

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Universal warewashing machines

These all-rounders, which are designed for top performance even for large wash ware such as pots, pans, trays, containers and more, are real powerhouses of MEIKO warewashing technology.

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Flight type dishwashing machines

The M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine washes dishes, cups and trays quickly and hygienically. User-friendliness and excellent performance capabilities make the M-iQ a staff favourite.

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Rack type dishwashing machines

When the tasks in the matter of warewashing technology are big ones, MEIKO provides appropriate and flexible answers with its rack type dishwashing machines. Hygienic - flexible - economical.

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Trolley washers

Trolleys need to be hygienic – and need to be back in use quickly after processing. MEIKO trolley washers employ sophisticated technology but are easy to use.

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