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MEIKO flight type dishwashing machines – the perfect fit for your needs

From glasses and cutlery to plates, cups and trays – whatever your needs, MEIKO flight type dishwashing machines get the job done fast!

MEIKO has many years of experience in designing and building flight type dishwashing machines. As a result, the solutions it offers are always the best fit for each customer's specific needs. From plates and cups to trays, glasses and cutlery, MEIKO's user-friendly flight type dishwashing machines get washware hygienically clean fast and efficiently – without any unnecessary hassle. MEIKO flight type dishwashing machines make the dishwashing experience economical and eco-friendly at the same time, creating solutions that benefit both people and the environment. They also offer a sophisticated platform concept that makes it easy to incorporate flight type dishwashing machines in just about any planning project.


The M-iQ flight type dishwashing machine manages to incorporate seemingly contradictory requirements in a single, coherent design, successfully combining superb levels of hygiene and safety with the careful stewardship of water and energy.

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Upster B

UPster. Dishwashing becomes cleaner, faster and more economical.

Outstanding quality at a very reasonable price

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