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M-iClean – more than your standard restaurant dishwasher

The beauty and efficiency of MEIKO's premium-class restaurant dishwashers

Whatever MEIKO commercial dishwasher you choose for your bar or restaurant, you can be confident that it will be economical to run – and now the M-iClean has raised the bar even higher by using even less water, energy and detergent. M-iClean glass washers offer a full range of innovative warewashing technology, including intuitive operation with a one-touch display, efficient eco-friendly washing with minimal use of resources, and reliable status checks including smart monitoring technology.
M-iClean glass washers are a great choice in just about any setting, and they offer sparkling results without having to polish washware by hand!

M-iClean US

This compact premium class glasswasher may be small, but it offers impressive performance. Measuring just 460 x 700 mm, it fits perfectly under most bars and counters.

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M-iClean UM

The M-iClean UM is impressively easy to use and produces sparkling results with the minimal use of resources. That makes it a great bistro dishwasher and the perfect choice for restaurants and hotel kitchens.

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M-iClean UM+

The M-iClean is superbly versatile, offering the perfect dishwashing experience to meet your individual needs. The M-iClean UM+ offers an extra-large entry height, making it easy to wash even the biggest washware.

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M-iClean UL

With its generous 500 x 600 mm basket size and 435 mm entry height, this is the "big beast" in MEIKO's range of restaurant dishwashers. It's easy to use and has an LED handle that lights up in different colours to show the machine's current status, so you have everything under control!

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