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FV 40.2 G

The new FV 40.2 G - brilliant performance in glass washing.„Celebrated for technology and performance, top quality and operation, guaranteed hygiene and safety.“
The optimal supplement for every form of gastronomy. Whether in the bistro, café, restaurant, hotel, or bar. The FV 40.2 G glass washer ensures glistening results under and behind every counter.

In addition to its perfect rinsing results, this new glass washer shines with its numerous useful and innovative highlights.

700 mm installation height
Fits under every counter and in every bar.

Rinsing system - UP and DOWN
Problem-free rinsing of dishes, cups, and cutlery.

Integrated reverse osmosis system.
Modular system for all types of on-site requirements.

Basket dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Lots of space for glistening rinsing results

Hygienic washing and rinsing temperatures complying with DIN 10511

Equipped with proven innovative technology, for example:

  • AktivPlus filter system
  • MIKE control technology
  • Deep drawn wash chamber
  • ADT technology
  • and much more

Another highlight from the MEIKO company – developed and manufactured for glistening cleanliness and hygienic results.

Additional wash system.
Everything good comes from above!

Washing just glasses is a thing of the past. The new FV 40.2 G glass washer has no problem cleaning cups, dishes, and cutlery. The all-around machine for the counter or bar area.

Due to the upper wash system no corner stays dry, thus ensuring absolutely hygienic and flawless cleaning results.

And, with an infeed height of 315 mm, it can take anything that needs to be squeaky clean on the counter.

Absolutely new, innovative and easy to use – the optional water change program. After washing the dishes you can change the water in the tank with the touch of a button in order to rinse them with fresh water immediately afterward.

Fully automatic and uncomplicated – for hygienic and glistening rinsing results.

The all-around washer for the counter or bar area. Glasses, cups, dishes, cutlery – no problem with the double (UP and DOWN) wash system.  A sensible water treatment system can be integrated for rinsing dishes.