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The DV 270.2 commercial dishwashing machine offers powerful and effective wash results

With a range of outstanding features, this commercial dishwashing machine is a reliable all-rounder and a genuine powerhouse!

Boasting highly effective, powerful wash pumps, oscillating wash arms, and an ultra-efficient power wash function, this professional dishwasher is a genuine all-rounder. It works fast, confidently tackling the kinds of jobs that normal dishwashers struggle with. That means everything runs more smoothly in the wash-up area. Sliding tables keep idle time to a minimum, while staff work under excellent ergonomic conditions and take more pleasure in their work.

A professional dishwasher designed for challenging environments

• Automatic hood lifting device ensures full use of available capacity
• Maximum energy efficiency thanks to built-in heat recovery system
• Sparkling wash results – no more hand polishing!
• Comfortable wrap-around hood handle for ergonomic operation
• Superb wash results thanks to multiple filtration of the tank water
• Hood with double-walled insulation keeps the wash-up area quieter

Dimensions Standard Inflight
Width 1490 (1600) mm 1490 mm
Depth 995 (1100) mm 995 mm
Height 1792 mm 1792 mm
Total height with hood open 2515 mm 2515 mm
Entry height 650 mm 650 mm
Basket dimensions 1310 x 690 mm 1310 x 690 mm
Programme cycles * 120/240/480 s 180/240/480/ s
Theoretical basket capacity 30 / 15 / 7 / h 20/15/7/h
Pump motor 2 x 2.2 kW 2 x 2,2 kW
Tank capacity 100 l 100 l
Final rinse 9 l/basket 9 l/basket
Tank heating 9.0 kW 9,0 kW
Built-in boiler
45° feed water temperature 12.0 kW 12,0 kW
10°C feed water temperature 18.0 kW 18,0 kW
10°C feed water temperature and Point2 AirConcept 15.0 kW 15,0 kW
Total connected load
3-phase NPE, 400 V, 50 Hz, 45°C feed water temperature 16.9 kW 16,8 kW
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 10°C feed water temperature 22.9 kW 22,8 kW
3-phase NPE 400 V, 50 Hz, 10°C feed water temperature and Point2 AirConcept 19.9 kW 19,8 kW
Protection class
Protection class IPX5 IPX5

* If the machine is connected to a cold water supply and / or if there are short change-over times of baskets, the wash cycles needed to achieve hygienic rinse temperatures may increase.

Date: 10.2016. Technical modifications reserved.