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Universal warewashing machines

DV 125.2

The spacious, super-sized machine.
Basket dimensions 500 (650) x 500 mm

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FV 130.2

The FV 130.2 dishwasher is a powerful solution for pots, pans, trays, containers and all sorts of other ware – the perfect choice for any wash-up area. It deals with the tasks that are too tough for people to manage alone.

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FV 250.2

Next size up: there's no doubt that the FV 250 is the super-sized choice among versatile, all-round warewashers. It has plenty of capacity for large, bulky, and heavily soiled ware – and plenty of power to get it clean.

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DV 270.2

A great example of premium dishwashing technology, this ergonomically designed hood-type (pass-through) professional dishwasher offers superb capacity and fast cleaning performance. The premium label refers to a range of cutting-edge dishwashing features.

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