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    Rive Gauche at the Kulturhaus, Baden-Baden

    The Kulturhaus in Baden-Baden is home to a compact all-round talent in warewashing technology

    Rive Gauche in the culture house Baden-Baden

    "Everything went exactly to plan with the replacement of the old machines."

    The scullery room at the "Rive Gauche" looks to the future. With the latest series of UPster machines from MEIKO, the "Rive Gauche" has opted for a model that is fully adaptable and also knows how to "make itself small" while doing a bigger job: "Our scullery room had certainly become too small," explains Josephine Geiger, who made short work of removing the previous two hood type machines from MEIKO together with head chef Rudolf Pellkofer and replaced them with the latest generation of "UPster" machines.

    "Our new concept, which involves catering for the guests late into the evening and beyond was what made this step necessary." At the Rive Gauche, a warewashing machine was needed that would be an all-round talent: compact, happy to go in the tightest corner, and above all else, ready to use at a moment's notice: "We are patient people – but if there's one thing that absolutely has to work it is the warewashing technology," admits Josephine Geiger, before telling us that "everything went exactly to plan with the replacement of the old machines."

    In the beginning, the design of the UPster wasn't considered important by the kitchen staff at the "Rive Gauche". However: "When it was installed and looked so good we were really pleased about its attractive appearance!"

    UPster K Commercial Dishwasher for Restaurant Rive Gauche

    What makes the "Rive Gauche" so special?

    What makes the "Rive Gauche" so special? Firstly, its location right on the most fashionable street in Baden-Baden, the Lichtentaler Allee; then there's its address, "LA8" - behind which is one of the most attractive mansions in the spa town on the river Oos. Originally planned by the then star architect Friedrich Weinbrenner, the small-scale palace was actually designed for Queen Friederike of Sweden. The mansion has a crystal hall and a mirrored hall and to this day, it is still home to Baden-Baden's "International Club" and a museum that combines art and technology.

    "Mediterranean cuisine is more than just tasty food from France and Italy,"

    Secondly: the "Rive Gauche" has leased the Brenners Park Hotel. This is therefore a place where quality always comes first! "Mediterranean cuisine is more than just tasty food from France and Italy," explains Josephine Geiger. Clearly enthused, the gastronomic director of the Rive Gauche tells us about the concept of head chef Rudolf Pellkofer: "In our view, the Mediterranean also takes in Africa and parts of the Middle East."

    On this note, Josephine Geiger is also pleased to recommend the Oriental mezze as a starter: humus with olive oil, Moroccan cous-cous salad, muhammarah (a hot walnut-paprika dip), stuffed Turkish pitta with feta and basil, and as the main course, monkfish fillets and king prawns on the skewer served with langoustine sugo, leaf spinach and lime cous-cous - the kitchen from 1001 nights has arrived in the present!