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    The clean solution

    Cart washers

    Powerful and efficient for hygienic cart cleaning

    Water wave

    The WS 125.5 cart washer is made of stainless steel and can be supplied both as a pass-through machine and as front-loader. The roll- up door of the WS 125.2 cart washer ensures easy loading in confined spaces. All installations are accessible via a separate maintenance door. The wash-chamber is equipped with a washing and rinsing system which hygienically cleans and disinfects the entire cart. Only with MEIKO – The stainless steel trolley plat-form tilts during the wash program, to increase the amount of residual water that runs off from the trolley or container. After rinsing, the trolley is effectively dried by powerful fans blowing large volumes of air over the trolley to ensure excellent drying results.

    Technical data
    Wash capacity15 - 20 cycles per hour
    Useable volume1.950 x 1.000 x 2.400 mm
    Clean water per wash cycle 18 l
    Tank capacity300 l
    Total connected load (motors)19,5 kW
    Roller door drive (option)0,3 kW
    Tank heating30 kW
    Boiler heating 26 kW
    Dryer heating18 kW