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    Restaurant glass washer FV 40.2

    The perfect glass washer solution for restaurants

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    The FV 40.2 glass washer has been discontinued and replaced by the new M-iClean U. Find out more about the innovative new glass washer from MEIKO here.

    The features of the undercounter dishwasher series set the FV 40.2 restaurant glass washer apart from the competition. Features include:

    • fully electronic controls
    • a built-in booster heater
    • pumped rinse
    • pumped drain

    Our unique Auto-Safe design ensures correct wash and rinse water temperatures as well as a sanitizing final rinse, regardless of the incoming water supply temperatures - even using a cold water supply. Combined with a powered final rinse, this provides a constant-pressure, constant-temperature sanitizing rinse, eliminating the need for a chemical sanitizer.

    And the Active Plus double filtration system eases your cleanup chores while saving you detergent. This advanced feature in MEIKO’s restaurant glass washer FV 40.2 continually removes food soil from the wash water which saves detergent and makes for easy cleanup.

    Like all of MEIKO's commercial dish and glass washers, the FV 40.2 restaurant glass washer is equipped with MEIKO's award-winning MIKE 2 controller, for simple operation and advanced service diagnostics. This provides simple, one-touch operation, automatic temperature regulation, and advanced service diagnostics.

    fine filtration system - AktivPlus
    Cost-cutting filter system for dishwashing equipment

    MEIKO's cost-cutting filter system

    intuitive control technology MIKE
    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality

    MEIKO control technology for maximum functionality