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    The clean solution

    Automatic tray washing machine BTA 160, BTA 240

    Wave water

    This automatic tray washing machine features a powerful washing system located both above and below the tray to maximise the cleaning result. This is followed by an intensive hot fresh water final rinse of each tray. To ensure a first class drying result the tray transport cords of the BTA tray washer are separated between the final rinse section and the drying zone. Trays are therefore transported on „dry“ round belt cords when in the drying zone for a optimal drying performance.


    Technical data
    Drying/air circulation200 m³/h
    Wash capacity16 trays/min
    Pump motor1,1 kW
    Tank capacity 60 l
    Final rinse 150 l/h
    Blower motor4 kW
    Built-in boiler
    40°C feed water temperature13,9 kW
    10°C feed water temperature17,6 kW
    Total connected load
    10°C feed water temperature without heat recovery system39 kW
    10°C feed water temperature with heat recovery system33 kW
    40°C feed water temperature29 kW