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    The clean solution

    M-iClean H – Hood type dishwasher

    Ergonomic workstations, shorter wash cycles, quicker drying, lower costs.

    There's no catch.
    Dishwashing paradise
    Progress in washing, which couldn't be cleaner

    Just tap lightly. That's all

    It's easy to talk about ergonomics but we made it happen – and the M-iClean H hood type dishwasher is the proof. It opens and closes itself with just a gentle tap from the operator. Silent. Reliable. Effortless.

    The ergonomic concept of the hood type dishwasher M-iClean H safeguards the staffs health, saves time and creates a better work environment. No more awkward loading and unloading or twisting, no unnecessary waiting time, no more stooping or bending.

    Never polish again! The optional drying table is the smart solution for even faster washware loading and unloading.

    We trust our technology. You have our word.

    The proof is our 60 month warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the automatic hood system. That is a safe investment in reliability for you!


    A work of engineering art

    The automatic hood system is a completely new design that puts MEIKO at the forefront of working comfort in the industry. A gentle tap of the handle, simple touch of the display or fully automatic – the M-iClean H brings ergonomics to life. Manual hood opening is a thing of the past. Easier loading and unloading, along with the ergonomic operating concept of the M-iClean H both safeguard staff health and save time.

    Unpleasant climate and energy wastage? Not with us.

    - Heat retention
    - Vapour extraction with self-cleaning
    - Wastewater heat recovery
    - Exhaust heat recovery

    Keeping it simple:

    - Intuitive blue operating concept
    - Safety glass touch display
    - LED-lit design element
    - Automatic rack detection
    - Control panel display can be displayed on the left or right of the machine or mounted elsewhere in the wash area, all at eye level

    We've thought of everything: premium quality for all occasions

    - Combined wash and rinse arm made from stainless steel
    - Dosing, detergent and rinse aid lines are made from stainless steel to prevent downtime and repair costs.
    - Large clearance height (505 / 560 mm)
    - 60 month warranty on all electrical and mechanical components of the automatic hood system

    Ingenious details

    - Drying table for active drying
    - Simple height adjustment and plinth set-up
    - Flexible machine use at no additional cost. Plinth set-up and height adjustment is possible on all machines
    - Easily adjusted connection values to match onsite circuit protection
    - Folding removable rack holders
    - Double-sided operating display, may also be externally mounted

    Haus Hainstein

    The machine at Haus Hainstein works flat out doing some 140 wash cycles a day. And we get to enjoy perfect wash results!

    Uwe Beyer
    Butcher's Shops
    Butcher Krautter

    The M-iClean H makes light work of all types of washware. Each wash cycle only takes about a minute, and the new system eliminates the back-breaking strain of using a wraparound handle to open the machine!

    Christiane Krämer
    M-iClean H in the Casino Baden-Baden
    Awards & prizes
    5 star quality in all categories: atmosphere, service and warewashing.

    We don't like to boast. So we'd rather let others review and assess our technology. Speaking of which, we have a long list of prizes and awards. Why not have a look for yourself? We'll be off to develop, tinker and improve some more. See you at the next awards ceremony!

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    MEIKO Preis Catering Star
    Kitchen Award 2018
    Equipment Awards
    Sustainability and technology
    Green ribbon sustainability
    SMARTLABEL Award Host

    Everything under one hood

    Easier work, shorter wash cycles, improved indoor climate, perfect results, less downtime through better ergonomics, freed-up budget and optimum use of workstation space – the hood type dishwasher M-iClean H has it all. That is made possible thanks to revolutionary technology and an ingenious ergonomic concept.

    Your requirements, your M-iClean H – no problem left unsolved with our advantage packages.

    PureEnergy package

    Our wastewater heat recovery and heat recovery systems make wasted energy a thing of the past. We take a holistic approach – and it works no matter what you're washing.

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    FeelGoodClimate package

    We care about the climate, including the climate in the pot wash. Our vapour extraction system with self-cleaning function and heat recovery system are great for the staff.

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    MiraculousShine package

    Not all the glitters is gold, but optimum dishwashing results really are worth their weight in it! The MiraculousShine package knows no compromise. Our innovative GIO module and drying table consign polishing, drying and glass corrosion to the history books.

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