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    The Centre contains a comprehensive selection of Meiko products, from small undercounter glasswashers to the latest ergonomic hood machines, bi-cord conveyors, large rack transport and flight dishwashing systems and Meiko’s most popular hospital sluice room washer.

    Each machine is live and connected to water, electricity, chemicals and drainage.

    “We are offering Meiko customers a complete hands-on experience across the range of Meiko products,” says Meiko India Managing Director, Jestin Antony.

    “The aim is to raise the level of engagement with our consumers by providing a useful interactive experience that can be used both for sales demonstrations and training.

    “Customers are also encouraged to bring a selection of their own crockery so we can run a live demonstration using the relevant machine for their business.”

    Types of machines installed:

    • M-iQ BM54 V6 P6 (Flight Type dishwasher
    • M-iClean HM (Hood Type dishwasher)
    • M-iClean UM (Undercounter dishwasher)
    • UPster B190P CSS Top (Flight Type dishwasher)
    • UPster KS 200+dryer (Rack Type Conveyor dishwasher)
    • UPster H500 (Hood Type dishwasher)
    • UPster U500 (Undercounter dishwasher)
    • UPster U400 (Undercounter glasswasher)
    • Topic 20 – (Bed pan washer)
    • Bi Cord Conveyor with 90 deg curve
    • Bi Cord conveyor straight execution

    The Meiko India Experience Centre is situated on the New Airport Road in Bangalore.

    To arrange a visit, Meiko customers should contact their Meiko Regional Sales Managers, more detail here:

    MEIKO Clean Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. No. 59 MM Tower, Airport – Bellary Road, Yelahanka, Bangalore 560064, India

    Phone: +91 80 4201 0014/15, Fax: +91 80 4201 0016 E-Mail: