The clean solution

    MEIKO HygieneGuard® – the intelligent way to document hygiene compliance

    MEIKO takes a smart approach to hygiene – because it's a serious business.

    MEIKO HygieneGuard® offers a smart way to track and document hygiene in warewashing machines, cleaning and disinfection systems, and technology for cleaning respiratory protective equipment. By digitising hygiene documentation, HygieneGuard® links together the physical and virtual worlds in a way that addresses modern megatrends of safety, security and connectivity.

    Chemicals, mechanical processes and temperature are the key physical parameters in all our machines. By taking a smart approach to controlling these parameters, our technology achieves the perfect combination of time and temperature in each case.

    This is one of the key concerns of our infection control and design engineers, so it is also a major area of research in our two labs:

    The MEIKO NSF laboratory

    • A biosafety level 2 microbiology lab certified by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)
    • One of the only NSF labs in Europe

    The MEIKO development laboratory

    • Tests new materials
    • Generates ideas and puts them into action
    • Experiments with new methods and approaches

    We use our in-house MEIKO microbiology lab to study the microbial death kinetics of Enterococcus faecium, Candida albicans, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other pathogens. The thousands of Petri dishes that go into our incubators show just how determined we are to investigate every possible correlation or interaction that might affect the results of our hygiene processes. This project is kindly supported by Professor Heike Martini, Head of Technical Hygiene at Charité Berlin's Benjamin Franklin Campus. Research work in this area requires a major commitment in terms of both time and money,

    but injecting this new-found knowledge into our network is a smart investment.

    MEIKO HygieneGuard® – digital transformation in action

    Our business revolves around formulas, patents and programming. By combining our accumulated knowledge and experience with a passion for innovation, we seek to address the megatrend of connectivity that will play such a vital role in the future.

    MEIKO HygieneGuard® offers a brand new way to share hygiene data. This makes it a central pillar of the shift towards digitalisation in dishwashing areas, utility rooms and respiratory protective equipment workshops.

    Machines such as the M-iQ are "HygieneGuard® ready", and the MEIKO Connect app is the next step in self-regulating warewashing technology.

    Die neue App von MEIKO
    App MEIKO Connect

    New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.

    What do we mean by "HygieneGuard® ready"?

    Hygiene, safety, sustainability and technological innovation are the core drivers of a new kind of transformation process. To ensure this transformation succeeds, the hygiene community needs a very special form of protection. HygieneGuard® rises to this challenge by adapting MEIKO technology to meet all the essential requirements. That's why so many of our technical solutions are already HygieneGuard® ready.

    Patented? Naturally!

    We design solutions and support processes for just about anything that needs to be professionally washed, cleaned and disinfected. For almost a century, we have been keeping close tabs on people's safety in certain situations. MEIKO HygieneGuard® is our way of turning this vigilance into a patient-pending concept that is fit for the future.

    Access to system-relevant data

    MEIKO customers who use our connectivity module with their M-iQ or UPster K dishwashing machines are already HygieneGuard® ready. Some MEIKO machines have long offered users the option of accessing hygiene-relevant data and compiling meaningful hygiene documentation, which is the first step on the path towards self-regulating cleaning and disinfection technology. MEIKO Connect is a state-of-the-art app that provides almost instant access to system-relevant data, thereby laying solid foundations for accurate analysis, effective troubleshooting and precisely tailored responses.

    Die neue App von MEIKO
    App MEIKO Connect

    New app for commercial dishwashers. For more transparency in your commercial kitchen. All relevant information now on your smartphone – simple and convenient.

    Highly connected:

    HygieneGuard® will connect all the factors involved in hygiene and infection control, bringing together the entire sum of knowledge that MEIKO has accumulated over its 100-year history. These are solid foundations to build on, and they have been shaped by our proximity to our customers, for whom hygiene and safety are top priorities. Target values need to be met consistently – and that's exactly what we help our customers to achieve.

    Maintaining hygiene requires constant vigilance

    That's why HygieneGuard® is so important. Key elements of the HygieneGuard® system are already in place, such as the comprehensive hygiene documentation provided by CCLog and CCInside.