The clean solution

    UPster U – Commercial glass washer

    Great value under the counter

    More quality, higher performance, more dish and glass washing for less money

    This way!

    safe glass washing process
    The perfect glass washing machine - M-iClean U

    "But I just want to wash up" - is what someone with less experience of glass management in the hotel and catering business might think. What they also want to do, or rather must do: take drinking glasses into consideration as part of the value chain.

    What more could you want?

    Sturdy technology

    Sturdy technology, high-quality materials and an economical wash tank guarantee the best possible clean. This is what a top-class wash chamber looks like, and that's not all.

    Fully electronic control system

    - Fully electronic control system makes servicing access quicker

    - 3 wash cycles

    - Eco-filter system for the best wash results

    Double walled construction

    - Double walled construction with additional door insulation to reduce heat and noise emissions

    - Wash and rinse systems at top and bottom

    - Deep-drawn wash chamber with built-in rack guide rails

    - Wash pump with soft start system to protect glassware

    Upster U connection set
    Just plug in, it's easy!

    Simply put the machine in place, connect it up, and you're ready to go. Onsite hook up could not be easier – just add water!

    reservoir UPster
    UPster U400 / UPster U500

    UPster ® U 400 / UPster ® U 500: Dosage and top up have never been easier thanks to the practical detergent and rinse aid supply tank (optional).

    Eco-filter system

    The eco-filter system ensures maximum hygiene and clean tank water by filtering the detergent solution in UPster machines.